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4 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Every Budget

by Luna Nov 08 , 2018

Maybe you are troubled by quite a few blutooth speakers in the market and do lots of researches and read tons of reviews for purchasing an ideal while affordable portable bluetooth speaker, following are 4 cost-efficient bluetooth speakers made of portability, functionality and durability. Although their sound is inferior to other brand speakers in the market, which impress you with excellent highs and deep bass, while enough for providing you with a stereo streaming experience, they are rated as waterproof speakers that are capable of handling minor environmental factors and works for you for a long time.

1. POWERADD Dee-G Mini Bluetooth Speaker, Small Bluetooth Speaker with Rotating Volume Knob, Enhanced Bass, 360 Degree Hi-Fi Sound, 5W Small Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Built-in Mic

4 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Every Budget

Poweradd Mini bluetooth speaker has four full-range drivers and dual passive radiators, which produces 36W°stereo sound with enhanced bass. it has a sensitive touch panel on the top for play/pause music and the panel can be rotated to control volume rather than button controlling. Enjoy your music in fun! A large capacity 4000mAh battery enables this speaker to work continuously for 12 hours at a low volume. Quite a great companion to get it with a reasonable price.

2. Anker AK-A3182011 SoundCore Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker [IPX7 Waterproof/Dustproof Rating, 10-Hour Playtime] Outdoor Wireless Shower Speaker with Enhanced Bass and Built-in Microphone

4 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Every Budget

Anker SoundCore bluetooth speaker is specially made to be a sports speaker due to its light weight and compact style, IPX7 waterproof rating makes it resistant to water,dust and sand, high quality body safeguards it from any environmental factors whatever rainy days or snowy days, confidently immerse it under the water 1 meter for up to 30 minutes, then it is able to float after a plunge, even can be washed when covered with mud. A perfect companion for outdoors.

Small size while respectable sound is maintained. Crystal-clear, crisp sound quality and robust bass are realized by a high-performance 3W driver and a passive subwoofer, anti-clipping technology ensures a distortion-free music.

It will automatically recognize and connect with compatible devices with up to 33feet after first connection, a powerful battery makes it plays music nonstop for nearly 10 hours, flexible hand-free calling and receiving calls are provided with built-in microphone. 

3. Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers - 12W Portable Speaker Loud Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, IPX7 Waterproof, 24 Hour Playtime, 66 ft Bluetooth Range & Built-in Mic Outdoor Party Wireless Speaker 

4 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Every Budget

There are a lot of similar bluetooth speaker in the market and Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker convinces most customers with lot of good features, a bigger size speaker includes a dual 6W power drivers and art bass radiators, delivers crystal highs, crisp middles and rich bass, which creates an immersive listening experience for you. If you don’t want to miss a lot of summer funs, it is an ideal item for holding parties, beach, only because its waterproof features plays an big roles. Curved edges and a matte finish offers a modern touch, at the same time, compact design maximizes portability. Just toss it in a backpack or clip it on your bike with included strap.

Also two great advantages like a 24-hour continuous playing time with powerful lithium battery and premium bluetooth 4.2 technology with up to 66 feet, means less recharging time and more fun in a wide space. it provides a multifunction button for controlling Siri or Google Now voice input.

4. AOMAIS Ball Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker IPX7 Waterproof, 15W Superior Surround Sound with DSP, Stereo Pairing for Outdoor,Travel,Shower,Beach,Party (Gray)

4 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Every Budget

AOMAIS Ultra-portable speaker is equipped with DSP technology which is used to improve overall sound quality for an exceptional sound experiences, it only has a 10 W driver and a 5W speaker that produces a smooth, clear music. It is the only one has True wireless technology which is able to connect two bluetooth speaker simultaneously and creates a true 360-degree stereo sound. 8.8-ounce device comes with a carabiner, providing a good solution to carry it for climbing, hiking,camping and other outdoor activities. Its waterproof rating is a little higher than others among 4 products, IPX7 means it can be immersed under the water 1m for 30 minutes confidently. Maybe you are also sceptical about its waterproof feature, an inflatable accessory is added to keep it float on the water when you are in the swimming pool.

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